What happens when you’re so addicted to the internet, your family sends you to boot camp?

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Your parents loves you if they send you into this bootcamp. The loneliness you felt is a feeling that you tried to drown out all these times by playing video games excessively. Now in this bootcamp, you can feel that feeling, own the feeling, face the feeling. I can immediately see that you can make many new friends there, but you still feel lonely in the middle of crowds? That’s because you have forgotten how to communicate and in touch with real human being. This bootcamp will reorient you into finding who you’re supposed to be. Enjoy the experience, own the experience, and emerge from it as the new you who can break free from the traps, even the trap of loneliness.

– Chen Li Yong


This is normal. They worship the internet – a fickle god. There is NO satisfaction outside of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The internet is a breeding ground for sin, and it’s offspring – despair, confusion, violence, and lust. They are in effect an empty hostel, with big flashing vacancy signs demons just love. Pray for them to come to a saving grace, and if it’s God’s will, a more compassionate government.

– Jerry Richmond


Loneliness I disagreed with everything until they brought up loneliness . Many people are shy, introverts, and socially akward the Internet allows them to … (cyber socialize) while projecting themseleves however they want to be seen as. It is a lot of time Loneliness

– Daiana Jean Louis


It would be awesome to see some of the transformations, if these programs actually work. America might benefit by categorizing some forms of game-play behavior, especially when mixed with isolation and violence, as addiction.

– Lylah Katz


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