11 rare historical Civil War photos that may shock you twice !

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The Civil War makes a turning point in history for many reasons. One such reason is that it was the first time photographs were widely used to document the horrors of war.  Here are some of the most fascinating:

Sudley Springs
This photo shows the first major land battle at the very start of the Civil War. The land battle was an important start to the war.

Fort Sumter
A photo showing the surrender of Union forces and the ruins of the fort after the first battle began. The bombed facade of the fort lies in ruin after Confederate forces declared victory.

Slave Auction House
Slavery was still going on during the war as can be seen from this photo of a slave selling space. It was not until the end of the war that slavery fully ended and all slaves were free.

Brompton Oak
This southern plantation served as a hospital where soldiers were treated during the war. Many soldiers were treated here as can be seen in this photo. New methods of treatment helped provide wounded soldiers with access to medical care, allowing them to recover from wounds that might otherwise have been fatal.
Devil’s Den
The immediate aftermath of Gettysburg is shown here and wounded and dead soldiers lie on the ground. Today, many people come here to see these grounds and explore the implications of the battle.
The Evergreen Cemetery
Here, Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address. The large memorial visible in the photo was put up a short time later.
Arlington House
Home of Confederate general, Robert E. Lee, the house was a major staging ground for strategy during the way. This photo shows people of the day sitting on the front steps in period dress.
Ford’s Theater
This is the same theater that was the site of president Lincoln’s assassination. The box where he sat as he watched his last performance can still be seen here. The theater was closed after the killing only to reopen a century later.
Cumberland Landing
A huge encampment of Union army forces can be seen here. Many soldiers were housed in tents that were put up as temporary housing right before the battle.

Log Hut
Temporary shelters were commonly used in order to protect soldiers from the elements. Many were used as temporary housing. Some were used to cook as can be seen here.

Refugee Family Flees
The war hit home for many people in a very direct way. Thousands were forced to flee when bombs fell from the sky and hit their homes. Here, one family makes their way north in the aftermath of the war with the all of their belongings in tow.

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